We are several generations in inland waterway transport.

With this ship (barge) I can reach different places in Europe. Barges carrying dry goods.

  • Size: Length 110m x Width 11.45m with maximum depth of 3.30m.
  • Maximum capacity in tonnes: 2906 tonnes
  • Cubage : 4000m³
  • Ship’s hold: 1 only hold 80 m long x 10 m wide
  • Number of containers: 208 TEU
  • Main engine : 1700cv
  • Second engine : 800cv
  • Generator: 3 x 65kva

Motors are in conformity with the European standards and are ecological. Annual audits are performed by approved mechanics.

The boat is being dry-docked every five years. The whole body is subjected to strict control by certificated experts. A check is performed by people from the Rhine Commission to check the various technical points (electricity, driving hydraulics, engine, fire security, electronic cockpit..)

The ship (barge) must be equipped with staff following the operating mode:

  • Mode A1: 14 hours a day, 1 captain and 2 sailors
  • Mode A2: 18 hours a day, 2 captains and 2 sailors
  • B-mode: 24/24 hours, 2 captains, 1 helmsman and 2 sailors.

The ship (barge) is equipped with radar, GPS and AIS in order to navigate in the night or in the fog. I am equipped with mobile internet as well as GSM and all the right equipment to give the best possible service.

The ship (barge) has a capacity of 80,000 litres fuel that is stored in sealed vats. A loaded ship at full power has an average speed of 20 km per hour in stagnant water.

Going upstream on a river, the ship has an average speed of 10 km per hour and turning upstream on a river at a speed of 25 km per hour.

The main engine has a variable consumption between 100 liters and 340 liters per hour. Each day there is an additional consumption of 100 liters to power the generator.

The thruster motor in the bow has an average daily consumption of 120 liters per hour depending on usage.

The hold is equipped with a reinforced metal floor (Hardox) for various loads.

The hold has a certificated coating for hygienic and edible products.

When transporting them, they can be hermetically sealed with stackable aluminum shutters.


The ship (barge) is equipped with certificates by certified experts, Ovocom, SGS, RDNA, Niwo,... for the transport of your goods. These certificates are renewed every 2 years.

We provide transportation for which we guarantee quality, reliability and care for the duration of the journey. During transportation we are committed to respect the deadlines for loading and unloading, except in cases of force majeure (judgment of navigation, technical problem or mechanical...).

The transportable goods:

  • Food: wheat, barley, barley, malting barley, canola corn, pellets, flour in bag or big bag.
  •  Metallurgy: coal, ores, slag sand, coils, wire rods, rails, steel...
  •  Construction: sand, gravel, earth...
  •  Exceptional transport: fertilizers, heavy packages, transformers, crane, construction parts

We can provide you a price offer according to your transport proposal.

Here are pictures of loading and unloading